Factory Tea Bar - Warm Springs Plaza

Factory Tea Bar

Best Bubble Tea in Fremont

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Open for carry-out, pickup and delivery on DoorDash • Grubhub • UberEats • Postmates

Established in 2011 in Southern California, we have now brought Factory Tea Bar (F.T.B.) to Fremont, California. F.T.B. takes pride in offering selections of bubble tea, milk tea, real fruit smoothies and flavored iced milk beverages that are unique only to F.T.B.

Signature Drinks:
Nom Nom Milk with Boba & Pudding
Nom Nom Green Tea
Factory Milk Tea /Milk Green Tea
(Strawberry) Matcha Latte
Coachella Lemonade
Rose Matcha Latte (New Item!)

Signature Snacks:
Popcorn Chicken
Seasoned Fries (Sour Cream, BBQ, Cajun)
Fried Chicken Wings
Fried Gyoza

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